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  1. Ruxin News

    News module by fantastic features, with 31 ready blocks and custom block builder To create any news site
    - 6 different types of heading with the ability to link and choose the color and size
    - 31 ready blocks and custom block builder
    - Ability to change columns gap
    - Joomla and K2 Support
    - Full content filter (Categories, Sort, Time Range, Start From, ...)
    - Auto generate thumbnail from article images for site optimization
    - Show title, category, article text, date, hits, author
    - Text center mode
    - Fully RTL Support
    - Fully Responsive

  2. Project Manager Light

    Project Manager Light
    The simplest Free Project Manager Component.

    No settings required. Just install and play.

    Getting Started

    1. Download the zip file from our download section

    2. Log in your site administration area

    3. Go to Extension / Install

    4. Install the file you just downloaded

    5. Got Component / Project Manager Light

    6. Insert projects

    7. Insert tasks

    Allow your site's visitors to access projects' list:

    Set a new menu item to Project Manager Light / Projects

    Allow your site's visitor to access projects' tasks:

    Set a new menu item to Project Manager Light / Tasks

    Remember to set the proper ACL rights in back end component's option permissions tab or the front end views are not accessible.

  3. SiteLock Security

    SiteLock Joomla! Extension provides complete website security management without leaving your Joomla! Dashboard. Users can access their SiteLock Dashboard within this Joomla! plugin, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to your website, mission, and creativity.

    Major Features in the SiteLock Joomla! Extension Include:

    • Review your SiteLock TrueShield® results and make changes to your settings right from your Joomla! Dashboard.
    • Real-time product and security updates allow minimal latency between identifying and correcting issues.
    • Automated Joomla! website scanner with SiteLock SMART® (Secure Malware Automatic Removal Tool).
    • Identify specific vulnerabilities and remediate them as you are alerted.
    • Manage SiteLock Trust Seal settings from your Joomla! Dashboard.
    • Reputation management scans verify your domain, SSL certificate, address, and search your site for SPAM.
    • Receive SiteLock Risk Score results along with appropriate recommendations to lower the risk to your website.
    • Secure your Joomla! site with SiteLock’s firewall extension.
  4. Copy Me

    Copy Me is a Joomla content plugin which enables you to easily add copy to cliboard functionality to your Joomla Site. As it's a content plugin you will be able to add this functionality to virtually any place of your Joomla! site.

  5. Save to Google Sheets Action for Chronoforms v6

    This plugin lets you save data from your form to your Google Sheets spreadsheets.

    It's finally here! With the Sky Spider Save to Google Sheets action you will be able to save any data - from forms, database reads, or custom code - from any of your Chronoforms V6 forms and Chronoconnectivity V6 connections to your Google Sheets Spreadsheets.

    The plugin supports saving a pre-built array with multiple values or you can manually select your data by column letter.

    The action is very easy to use and includes an additional view tab with step-by-step instructions to get you going in minutes.