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  1. JMG Extended Title

    Joomla doesn’t allow use of any special styles in its article titles. We’re limited to using plain text only. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to work around this restriction when you use the JMG Extended Title plugin.

  2. J51 - ImageHover Gallery

    The J51 Imagehover Gallery is a simple yet powerful Joomla module extension. This module allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful image feeds with a host styling, layout and animation options. An ideal solution to showcase site content into attractive image boxes which can then be linked to a URL of your choice or simply opened in an attaractive lightbox. J51 Imagehover Gallery is a standalone module with content created directly within the module settings.

    44 Image Hover Effects to choose from
    A standalone module extension (no required plugins or components)
    Lightweight with no framework dependencies
    Fully responsive across all devices
    Complete layout control
    Masonry layout option
    Apply unique coloring to each image
    Apply unique hover effects to each image
    Lightbox or URL option for each item
  3. Kostenlose Deutschland Map

    "Free map of Germany" offer you the possibility to display an interactive map of Germany on your homepage.
    In the plugin you can set colors, mouse over actions and many other functions.

    Features - Maps Plugin
    - RESPONSIVE DESIGN barrier-free maps
    - COLOUR MAKE FUN Map or single regions Colouring
    - LINK REGIONS Link each region to a destination
    - TOOLTIPS FOR ANY REGION Create Zusatzinfo´s in HTML for each region
    - COLORS AND TEXTS Change text color
    - MARKER SETTING Add markers for specific locations
    - LIST VIEW FOR MOBILE DEVICES Switch from map to list for mobile devices
    - LANGUAGES ARE BRILLIANT you can translate every language separately

  4. AuthCaptcha for Joomla

    A BruteForce attack is a major security risk to any website. In this type of attack, a hacker tries to guess a user's password with millions of requests. Especially weak passwords are vulnerable to this type of attack. In addition, a BruteForce attack can cause availability issues.

    Joomla has no built-in BruteForce protection. This Joomla System plugin fills this gap by adding a captcha challenge to all Joomla login forms. It slows down the attack considerably and therefore prevents it.

    • It works with the default Joomla login-component, the default Joomla login-module and the administrator page.
    • Tested with the recaptcha-plugins shipped by Joomla.

    If you want to use other common login components or other common captcha plugins, you are welcome to open an issue. If you have problems with common templates, please also open an issue. (Only free and open source components, ....)

    Joomla 4 ready!

    For details and help please refer to

    - Configure and enable a captcha-plugin in Joomla (e.g. recaptcha) (details: )
    - Install and enable this plugin.
    - Clear Joomla cache if enabled

  5. JLSitemap - SWJProjects

    Plugin for integrating JLSitemap and SWJProjects


    Adding to the sitemap

    The plugin adds links to the following views to the sitemap:
    * Project List
    * Project
    * Version list
    * Version

    Sitemap Exceptions

    The plugin will exclude display from the sitemap based on the following params:
    * View «Joomla Update Server"
    * View «Download"
    * Item is not published or trashed
    * Set to noindex in metadata


    Each view has the following settings:
    * Include in sitemap
    * Change Frequency
    * Priority