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  1. XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

    ✔ Keep your users informed about your cookies

    XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is a light and manageable module, which will allow your users to decide which cookies will be installed when they visit your website.

    Regulations compliant

    The XT GDPR Cookie Consent Banner module disables the cookies by default until your visitors accept them. Also, separates the cookies into two categories, Essential and Analytics, for a better understanding of your website use of them.

    Flexible and powerful

    • Geolocation: select in which countries the banner will be shown according to your needs.

    • Customizable: adapt the banner using standard overrides for texts, JavaScript and CSS.

    • Responsive design: display the banner according to the screen size.


    Date: 26 February 2021

    • NEW: Support fallback scripts
    • Update: XT Platform 2.14.0
    • Usability improvements, optimizations and code styling
  2. Ol Content Gallery

    Content Gallery is the easiest way to turn your articles in gallery. In module are included two unique styles - gallery and isotope.


    Items limit (at your choice )
    Image Type - Intro/ Fulltext / Inline
    Source - Categories
    Tag Filtering Type
    Author Filtering Type
    Author Alias Filtering Type
    Date Filtering
    Featured Articles - Show / Hide / Only featured
    Articles to be ordered by - Hits / Title / Id / Tags / Date / Articles Managed Order
    Ordering Direction - Ascending / Descending

    Basic settings

    Show title Yes / No
    Title word limit (at your choice )
    Show intro text Yes / No
    intro text limit (at your choice )
    Show read more Yes / No
    Show date Yes / No
    Show category Yes / No
    Show author Yes / No

    Style settings

    Style gallery or Isotope
    Columns ( 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 )
    Isotope Style ( color / Zoom / Simple)
    Custom Color
    Items space ( three choices )
    Text Padding ( at your choice )

    Gallery Settings

    Transition Type - fade/slide
    Loop ( Yes / No )
    Download button ( Show / Hide )
    Thumbnail ( Show / Hide )
    Thumbnails by default ( Show / Hide )
    Autoplay ( Yes / No )
    Autoplay controls( Show / Hide )
    Time between transition ( your choice )
    Transition duration ( your choice )
    FullScreen ( Show / Hide )
    Zoom ( Show / Hide )
    Mousewheel ( Yes / No )
    Share ( Show / Hide )
  3. AA Mosets World Live Clock

    A Mosets World Live Clock Show World Live Clock according to Mosets Timezones Custom Field for each listing.

    Compatible Extensions :

    Mosets Tree Directory Component

    Features it has :

    ✅ It shows Country Name, Clock and Date of Each Listing according to their Timezone
    ✅ You can easily show or hide options.
    ✅ You can easily change color compatible with your template.
    ✅ It only works with Mosets Directory Component of Joomla
    ✅ You can do override css with it. It has custom css option.
    ✅ It works nicely beside any issue.
    ✅ It is full responsive
    ✅ It works with all templates. If not, support is available for help.

    Supported Platform:

    Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.X
    Note: Any issue let me know. Joomla latest version (3.x and 4.0) tested and working great 🙂

    How to use :

    ✅ First Make sure you have installed Mosets Tree Directory Component
    ✅ Then make sure published Timezones Custom Filed From Mosets Tree
    ✅ Then setup Timezone with Each Listing
    ✅ Then install plugin and active it and it will start working.

    Details :

    ✅ Simple configuration.
    ✅ Working fine.


  4. IWS.BY Google Analytics

    ** IWS.BY Google Analytics ** is a plugin that allows you to connect the analytics counter of the Google Analytics service without any difficulties.

    ** Plugin Features: **
    - No need to edit the site template.
    - No programming skills required.
    - Easy to use.

  5. Limit Active Logins

    With the Limit Active Logins, you can keep users from sharing one account by setting the maximum number of active logins per user, user groups, continents, countries – any condition. With plenty & great features, the Limit Active Logins extension for Joomla! will allow you to have control over your website.


    Signed-in devices with Logout option

    The user can see the already logged in devices & browsers and also, sign out – while the session will still be active. Take the image as an example. Here, the user sees that there are 4 signed-in devices (laptop, desktop, smartphone – any mobile device), the browser, the location, the time of logging in, and can sign out from any device.

    Login failed message!

    There’s a login failed message when the maximum number of active logins set by the Admin is reached. Say, the user logs in with Google Chrome and then attempts to log in with Firefox, while the Admin has set 1 as the limited number of active logins for this account. In this case, the user will see the error message, but can logout from one device to login from another device.

    Admin can see the logged in sessions

    With access to the backend, the Admin cannot only view information about the users but also take some action. The Admin can see the sessions of the logged in users and info, such as the IP address, the browser, the country, the operating system.

    If there’s a need to force logout a user, it takes a click.
    With WEB357’s plugin “Login as User for Joomla!”, the Admin can login as user to the frontend of a website – it also takes a click.

    Main Settings

    What can the Admin do?

    1. Maximum Active Logins: set the limit active logins for each account. If it’s 1, the user can login from only 1 device/browser.
      Attention: the session may be active even if the browser closed.

    2. Login Logic:

    a. Block: Block a new login if the maximum limit is reached. The user sees an error message and can login after logging out from another device.
    b. Allow: Allow a new login by terminating the previous session when the limit is exceeded.
    c. Custom error message: Write a message to guide the user during a login failure.

    Customize the limits per condition

    The Admin can customize the limits per condition – hence, set different max active logins as per need based on features, like user groups, continents, countries, etc. For example:

    • User groups (manager, administrator, super users) can login from 15 different devices.
    • Registered users in Asia and Africa can login from 2 devices simultaneously.
    • Registered users from around the globe can login from 6 devices at the same time.


    • Useful for membership sites.
    • Prevent Users from sharing their account.


    Ideal for owners of membership websites who want to prevent accounts sharing.



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